Drive-up ATM Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Quickcash ATM Network can provide your business with a Drive-Up Bank style ATM at no charge to you ( including basic installation) You will earn a commission on every cash withdrawal transactions 24 hours a day from the ATM.


5 Years from the date of installation of the ATM. Automatically renews unless expressly cancelled.


Commission Schedule:

Commissions are paid monthly based on the number of cash withdrawals from the ATM as follows: 

From 0 - 2500 transactions per month

$1.00 per transaction

From 2501 - 5000 transactions per month

$1.25 per transaction

5001 and over transactions per month

$1.50 per transaction



Commissions will be paid by check within 7-14 days of the first of the month for the previous month.


Location / client is responsible for obtaining any required permits Site Construction: Quickcash ATM Network will pay any and all construction required for both concrete etc foundation and electrical hook up.



Quickcash ATM Network shall provide communications for the ATM via cellular phone data network.



Location / client shall provide electric to the ATM Kiosk.



Quickcash ATM Network shall insure the Kiosk and the enclosed cash.



Upon installation of the concrete pad, protective bollards, etc., said items become property of the location / client. Kiosk building enclosure and the actual ATM equipment remain property of Quickcash ATM Network.



During the term of operation, Quickcash ATM Network is to operate all ATMs (indoor / outdoor) controlled by the client on the premises.


Time Frame:

Installation time is usually from 4 to 12 weeks from receipt of a signed operating agreement from the location / client.

For additional information contact: Gary Matheis 1-800-270-9408 or